Raise: A Celebration of Giving

Raise is a charitable movement encouraging students to adopt a positive approach towards deliberate, effective giving. Check out our chapter websites to learn more about what we do.








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Our philosophy

Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of giving positively and deliberately, rather than engaging with charity passively or out of obligation. In our view, giving in this way is more meaningful, more sustainable, and ultimately more impactful.

That’s why, once a year, we invite students to make a donation that feels personally significant - an amount that makes you think about the reasons for your donation. Ultimately, we want giving to become a considered and meaningful action.

Our Summer Party embodies this attitude towards our giving. It’s a time when we come together to celebrate our collective impact, while enjoying the end of the year with a wonderful community.

We want to create a culture where deliberate, positive giving is normalised at university and beyond. And so, we encourage students to take this philosophy forward into their future lives, for example by pursuing an impactful career or taking a long-term giving pledge.

Check out our founder's TEDx Talk, 'Rethinking Celebration: The Positive Case for Giving', which talks all about our feel-good philosophy!

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