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Raise is a charitable movement encouraging students to adopt a positive approach towards deliberate, effective giving.








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How it works

How it Works


We invite you to make a personally significant donation to charity as a way of celebrating giving. We welcome any amount that is significant to you.


At the end of the donations period, we'll come together as a community to celebrate our collective impact at an event in London. We're also looking into inviting alumni back to their affiliated university chapter's summer party.


We'll bring the Raise alumni community together through both virtual and in-person events, continuing with our ultimate goal of encouraging a positive approach towards deliberate, effective giving.

More Info

First off, we're so glad you had good experiences with Raise that you want to stay involved with the Raise community. We'd love your support, and to stay in touch whether or not you do any of the following.

Facebook group: To foster a two-way dialogue, you're invited to join our Facebook group. This is probably the first place to see what we're up to and how things are going.

Advisory board: We'd love alumni to get involved in steering the direction of Raise or picking up more self-contained projects. To do this, we've set up an advisory board of trusted Raise members who meet on a (semi-) regular basis to discuss what's going on with Raise. Get in touch if this sounds interesting to you!

Helping us grow: Are you able to help us by sponsoring Raise's efforts (whether through in-kind or direct donations), or know someone who can? Do you have some free time to improve how we run our operations, or mentor new chapters? Whatever it is, we'd love to hear from you!

At Raise, we think very carefully about which charity to recommend (see below), particularly given how much money you're donating. However, we recognise that you might want to join us in celebrating through giving to a different charity. This is absolutely fine, but please get in touch with us beforehand so that we are aware.

To make our decision to recommend the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF), we have taken the advice of independent charity evaluators GiveWell and Giving What We Can, which both rank AMF as one of the most effective charities in the world.

Tragically, malaria causes 400,000 preventable deaths every year, disproportionately affecting young children and pregnant women, and has a knock-on effect on the local economy. AMF works with local partners to provide life-saving bed-nets which protect people as they sleep. To find out more about their work, see AMF's website. The specific net distributions for which we have funded nets can be seen on Raise's dedicated AMF page.

Because AMF's intervention is so effective at preventing malaria, each donation can have a huge impact. In fact, the money we raised nationally in 2020 was enough to protect over 120,000 people!

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Our Philosophy

We believe in the power of giving positively and deliberately, rather than engaging with charity passively or out of obligation. In our view, giving in this way is more meaningful, more sustainable, and ultimately more impactful.

That’s why, once a year, we invite students to make a donation that feels personally significant - an amount that makes you think about the reasons for your donation. Ultimately, we want giving to become a considered and meaningful action.

Our Summer Party embodies this attitude towards our giving. It’s a time when we come together to celebrate our collective impact, while enjoying the end of the year with a wonderful community.

We want to create a culture where deliberate, positive giving is normalised at university and beyond. And so, we encourage students to take this philosophy forward into their future lives, for example by pursuing an impactful career or taking a long-term giving pledge.

Check out our founder's TEDx Talk, 'Rethinking Celebration: The Positive Case for Giving', which talks all about our feel-good philosophy!

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